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canada, part i


Last month, I had the privilege of attending Camp Do More in Toronto, Canada. It’s an incredible training, development, networking, and connection event for boudoir photographers from all over. It is impossible to overstate the impact that this experience had on me both professionally and personally. The next two weeks are devoted to sharing what I learned!

This sounds so clichéd, but this trip changed me. It truly did.

Sleeping alone in a cabin in the woods, surrounded by stunning nature and a lot of quietness, led me on a soul-searching, self-reflecting journey that I wasn’t really expecting. I had time to sit and think about my purpose, the impact I hope to make, and just feel so grateful for the opportunity to be there.

On one of the days, I ventured out, two hours away, driving alone in a foreign country (in the pouring rain, no less). I made it to Niagara Falls and the terrifying and awesome power of the water took my breath away. I had a moment of fear that I might fall in, but I shut out the thought. I let my cares slip away, just for a little bit, and stood there in awe of what was before me. I am so glad I took that trip and let my worries take a hiatus so I could have those moments with myself.

And then there were the group trainings and seminars. I met and spent time with people who are different from me in just about every way. I heard them speak about their lives and experiences, and it gave me such an appreciation and love for people.

One of the trainings covered a topic of a very sensitive nature, and several people were brave enough to share their story. My eyes were blown wide open to the struggles that they face, and what they do to overcome adversity. Emotions were stirred up in me that I’ve never felt before, and I just sat there in tears at the weight of it all.

I arrived at this camp thinking I’d leave with new tools and techniques to help me be a better beauty and boudoir photographer.

I left this camp with a softer heart, a braver soul, and a deeper love for all the beauty and rich diversity that this world has to offer.

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