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get to know miss r

We were so thrilled to have Miss R in the studio. We were very honored that she chose to drive from long distance to be with us. She is truly beautiful and absolutely killed it. She is a such a pleasure to be around, and as you can tell, very sweet!!! So excited for her to get have such a beautiful keepsake album to forever remember this time. Read more about her experience and see more of her beautiful images below.

I have done a boudoir shoot in the past, but my session with Whitney was a completely different experience. It was so fun and empowering and not at all awkward. I loved every minute. I also really appreciated all the emails leading up to the session. Knowing what to expect made it so much easier for me to relax and not be nervous.  I have 2 kids, I just turned 30, and I’m in the best shape of my life. I wanted to celebrate myself. As a stay a home Mom to a 4 and 2 year old, the best part was having an entire morning all about me, being pampered, laughing, and not wiping a single tush.

My husband always tell me I’m beautiful and my brain says “you’re my husband, it’s your job to say that.” But it’s so hard for me to believe. It’s not that I think I’m ugly or have any particularly mean thoughts about myself but beautiful…? It’s just not how I saw myself. Seeing myself in the images Whitney took though, it’s almost like seeing a different person. She is beautiful and graceful and she is me. It’s helping me to see myself differently and to believe my husband when he compliments me.

My session went pretty much the way I was expecting. I did expect to feel a little awkward parading around in lingerie in front of someone I barely knew, but Whitney made it seem completely normal, which I suppose it is for her.

I would absolutely recommend Red Stiletto to every woman I’ve ever met.  
I just want to say thank you, sincerely, for the service you provide. You ladies have a gift for empowering and lifting up women.