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the art of restraint...the corset

“I can’t breathe!” How did Victorian women wear corsets? The entire concept behind the wasp waist is horrifying to me in this day and age where the average size is between a 14 and a 16, but maybe wearing a corset isn’t all bad. There are a lot of different corsets to choose from. There are lace corsets, satin, mock corsets…so many options and in fact, some will actually allow me to breathe while smoothing down any potential lump or bump in my midsection. It also helps to prop my chest up and keep my vixen factor at a satisfactory level. 😉
So what do I do with a corset? The options are limitless. I could wear it with fishnet stockings, a garter belt, and underwear. That would be my preferred option, but you could also wear it with a skirt or jeans. Can cans are not totally off limits and think about the cosplay options! The whole point of a corset is that it is designed not only to make you look sexy, but feel that way too. It is something that you and your partner can play with as well. Let them lace you into that thing or clasp you in if that is the way it comes together. You never know where the night may take you.



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