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The Dream Couture session is an experience unlike anything else. Shot at an exclusive venue and with a wardrobe hand-picked with your personal taste and style in mind, you will feel like a model straight from the pages of a high fashion magazine. Hear what some of our past Dream Couture clients have to say about their day in the spotlight.

"The Dream Couture Session was fierce and seductive. I love my photos so much. I researched boudoir photographers for over a year and there isn't a better one out there. Both Whitney and Danee are phenomenal."

The one-of-a-kind experience of Dream Couture starts with a pre-session design consultation with the photographer, Whitney and hair and makeup artist, Danee. We discuss your wardrobe options, the exclusive venue, even what type of food you like so you can have a delicious lunch to refuel you midday. We answer your questions, help you prepare for your session, and really get to know you and your personality and style.

"It was very personalized to me, and they were quick to answer any questions I had. We discussed outfit ideas, how the session takes place, and if there was anything specific I wanted."

"It was fantastic. I felt like my needs were listened to and respected. I went into my shoot feeling so confident about my look, thanks to her team.

“Danee is great! She really allowed me to feel like part of the experience rather than just a canvas, and you can tell she enjoys what she does!”

When it comes time for your shoot, you will not need to do a thing. You are the supermodel for the day and we are working for you. Your hair and makeup will be carefully and expertly crafted with Danee’s artistic touch.

“Loved her! After being with her twice I quickly realized how versatile she is. From sensual to fierce, she has you covered. She’s very sweet and makes great conversation in the whole experience.”

“It was awesome! I was in awe of my surroundings for one. It felt like a once in a lifetime experience.”

“Whitney is fantastic. Her shoots are empowering and while she is focused on her passion and art the shoot is very much so centered on the client.”

As a woman who has struggled with confidence and perceptions of my own beauty, I assure you that your enjoyment of your session and feeling like you’re the most beautiful woman to walk the earth is of utmost importance. I have been photographing women for many years and helping to make them see how strong, beautiful, and sexy they are is my passion in my work.

“Whitney is incredible, and made me comfortable immediately. I’ve always been quite modest (to the extent of changing in the bathroom stalls at a gym) I just remember a moment of realization that I was in the most judgment free zone I would ever be in. It was invigorating, and gave me a sense of confidence I’d never had.”

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