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These photos are not for right now

Do you remember that scene in Titanic where the elderly Rose sees the portrait that Jack drew of her? How it takes her breath away and she is flooded with memories of her youth, their brief romance, and the deep emotion of what she experienced at that time in her life?

(If you’re under the age of 30 or so, you may not have as vivid of a memory of this movie and a young Leonardo DiCaprio as I do, so I insist that you find that scene on YouTube, or better yet, watch the whole movie… after you read this blog, of course).

Anyway, Rose is nearly 101 years old in that scene and the bold move that she took 84 years prior (to be exact) takes her right back to that pivotal moment in her life.

Here’s the truth that I’ve learned from being a photographer for the last nearly two decades, and especially as a beauty and boudoir photographer for the last several years: these photos, this experience, of baring your body and soul in front of my camera, is not JUST for right now.

Yes, you will absolutely love your photos. Seeing yourself in such a raw, vulnerable, and sexy light will have an impact on you. My hope is that it will positively change the way you see yourself for many years to come.

Because, years from now, your body will change. Maybe you will have children, maybe you will breastfeed them, and see the changes it will have on your body. You may slay in the gym and lose weight or start to see the six-pack you’ve dreamed of. Maybe you will gain some weight and have more curves than you used to.

Life will throw you curveballs… some good, some not so good. Your body is in a constant state of evolution and change, and that’s a beautiful thing. We are dynamic creatures, not meant to stay the same.

I want you to have these photos so that you can celebrate YOU, where you are right in this moment. I want you to celebrate your beautiful body and all that life has brought it. And when you’re 80 (or older), you can look back at your photos and realize what a treasure (or a “dish” as Rose said) you are right now.

This is what I’m cheering for: that you will give this gift to yourself, to freeze this moment in time, no matter if you are where you think you should be. You are where you are meant to be. Celebrate it.

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