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Award Winning photo-when one door closes

We are so excited to share with you a photo called, “When One Door Closes,” which is one of the two images that not only merited in two recent competitions, it also received the Vision Award and is currently on the shelves at Barnes and Noble in the September issue of Shutter Magazine!

This photos was taken from an incredibly fun session with professional model, Jodeci, who unlike many of our clients, has had many boudoir photos taken of her over her career. For this reason we were able to collaborate with her on ideas we knew not every client who gives us permission to share their photos might feel comfortable sharing. The biggest example of this is nude art. Jodeci actually only brought one outfit to shoot in stating that her second outfit would be her own skin. Showcasing nude art is important since many of our clients want this type of photo taken, but are usually uncomfortable asking. Since we DO take these pictures as well, Jodeci graciously offered to pose and we could not have been happier with the results!

At Red Stiletto Boudoir, we show these photos as an example for the client who is shy about bringing it up. We send every client who books a boudoir photo session a questionnaire that asks about their personal preferences. The client does not even have to be fully nude. There are various degrees of nudity which many clients are not aware of before having access to the questionnaire. The questionnaire helps the client understands what is available to them as well as helps us in understanding what they hope to get out of the session and that they are 100% comfortable when they walk in that day. We have clients who are more conservative, and we have clients who want to do a session in the shower. All produce beautiful results!

While many of our clients come to us initially to create a gift for their partner, we always emphasize that this is a gift for YOU! This is especially true of nudes which allows a women to become more comfortable and proud of the body she has in this moment. 


Do You Feel Weird Shooting Nudes?

No, I do not. In fact, I have never felt awkward shooting nude photos during a boudoir session, even when I first started. The female body is art and having the privilege to take pictures of women when they get to feel most vulnerable and confident at the same time is an honor. I am so glad to be able to give women the experience of the boudoir photo session.

Will I have to start out nude?

No. We typically shoot the nude part of the session very last, after you have had a chance to become comfortable with the camera. As you will see in Jodeci’s session below, we did not even start with her nudes.

Can I tell you that day if I want to do nudes?

Unless you chose to do a shower session, which requires additional set-up and counts as two of the four outfits we will shoot with the Dream Session, you can decide that day if you want to do nudes or not. 

If I give you permission to use my photos, do I have to let you use the nudes?

While we are always honored when someone gives us permission to use their photos, this is not a requirement and we want you to feel 100% comfortable should you allow us to share. If you do give us permission, but don’t want us showing the nudes, you will just elect “Has my permission to use my photos. Must be approved first…” This means that you can specify to use all but the nudes. Or you can specify that you are okay with nudes as long as they aren’t showing your identity (we will remove tattoos or anything that could identify you). In this case, we will post the nudes separate from the rest you are okay with us sharing. 


Now for the photos! 

We are so proud and honored to have worked with an artist such as Jodeci. I hope that her photos empower women to embrace their bodies and give them the confidence to love the skin that they are in.


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