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If you’ve felt the struggle of how to plan for things in a time when you really can’t plan much, this post is for you.

Deeeeeeep breath.

How many of those have you taken over the past six months?

How many times have you just had to shake your head in total disbelief and been left speechless at the crazy reality around you?

My guess is: infinity.

Well, I’m here to lighten the mood just a little and offer you some tips on how you can work with what life is giving us right now and (hopefully) keep your sanity!

 1. Go with the flow.

Ugh, how cliché, right? Hear me out.

My dad is the MASTER of spontaneity. He is ALWAYS up for an adventure, no matter how inconvenient or seemingly insignificant to an outside observer.

Because of this, my siblings (and mom) and I grew up with a “go with the flow” way of life.

Let me give you a hilarious and 100% true example.

I grew up in a small town in Kansas. One night, on the evening news, my dad heard that one of the presidential candidates that year would be announcing his running mate for vice president at a live event in a town ONLY 4 HOURS AWAY!

Us kids were already in bed, so we had no idea why, at 4 am the next morning, my dad got us all out of bed to load up in the car and be present for this “historical” event happening in our very state! We were even on the news.

No one likes to be woken up at 4 am, but sometimes it happens, and the best thing you can go is just go with the flow.


2. Find joy in the simple things.

However “simple” you need to go, it’s okay. If you’re having trouble finding the joy right now, you’re sooo not alone, my friend.

What if you got up early one day, walked outside, and watched the sunrise? We’re getting to the point where it’s usually not THAT hot yet really early in the morning — so just having a few minutes to enjoy the stillness and quiet of the morning could really give a fresh start to your day.

Or, you could go through old pictures and videos on your phone of fun times you’ve had.

For me, I get lost in watching videos from when my girls were babies! Some days I count down the minutes until their bedtime, and then spend an hour looking at pictures and videos of them. Oh, the irony of motherhood…

3. Make a flexible plan for something fun to do.

I don’t mean a beach vacation or a big shopping spree, either.

I’m talking about something as low-key as a day trip to a nearby town and seeing the sights.

We’ve all been stuck inside for a loooong time, but there’s no harm in packing some snacks and great music in the car and spending the day checking out another town! You might find a cool walking trail or park where you can get out and get some fresh air!

4. Let go of expectations.

Okay, this might be a hard one.

I know a lot of us like things to be done a certain way, at a certain time, and we have really high standards.

I’m not saying to dismiss your standards… but maybe ask yourself if your expectations of certain things are truly serving you, or if they’re actually stressing you out.

For me, this became so real when I became a mom. I had to pretty much let many of my expectations and plans slide for a while in order to meet the demands of a newborn and keep my sanity at the same time.

It’s not forever. It’s a way to cope and lessen the burden that we’re feeling. We can only control so much, and we need to find a way to be okay with surrendering a little on the rest.

5. Do something crazy.

Thought about dyeing your hair purple? DO IT.

Have you always wanted to get a tattoo? WHY NOT?!

Ever thought about training for a marathon? NOW’S THE TIME.

What about starting that business you’ve been dreaming about for years? TAKE THE LEAP.

If there’s anything these past months have taught us, it’s that nothing is certain. But, the sun still rises and life has to go on. You are strong, capable, and smart — and you CAN face the day in front of you. Go get ‘em, sister.

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