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These last several weeks have hit hard, and I don’t know of anyone who hasn’t been affected in some way. I want to reach out to you today and offer some validation and encouragement.

In case no one has asked you lately, how are you doing, friend?

These past couple of months have been a shock to the system, to say the least. I’ve seen so many emotions floating around my social media feeds, conversations with friends and family, and with my clients.

Fear. Exhaustion. Confusion. Anger. Loneliness.

But also…

Hope. Renewal. Strength. Compassion. Love.

Have you felt any (or all) of these…maybe even in the same hour?

Do you feel like you’ve seen a mix of both the best and the worst of humanity lately?

The message I want to share right now is simple.

Be kind to yourself. Be kind to others.

Be patient with yourself. Be patient with others.

Give yourself grace. Give grace to others.

None of us have ever dealt with anything like this before (unless you’re over 100 years old and lived during the Spanish Flu pandemic…and in that case, call me because I’m giving you a free session!).

We’re all navigating new waters, and many of us are scared and experiencing loss in our own ways.

Loss of a sense of security. Loss of a job or significant income. Loss of loved ones and the inability to hold a funeral. Loss of anticipated milestones like weddings, graduations, or career-defining events.

People are experiencing anxiety in ways they never thought they’d have to before.

I know this is true for me. I’ve worried about if I’ll ever get to hug my grandparents again, or be there for my sister as she has her first baby this summer. Will our mom be able to be there for her grandchild’s birth?

Even in the midst of uncertainty and upheaval, remember — there is hope, renewal, strength, and compassion.

How can you show these to yourself and others today? How can you give yourself and others extra love today?

If you’ve lost your temper with your kids, partner, or even someone you disagreed with online, it’s okay. Don’t beat yourself up, and give yourself grace to move forward.

If you feel like everything is still surreal, you’re definitely not alone. Even after all these weeks, I have MANY moments when I wonder if this is just a bizarre dream.

(Moms, one quick word to you — if you’ve got glitter Play-Doh and pink toothpaste ground into your carpet, and those sticker charts or homeschool schedules just don’t work anymore, it’s okay. We’re all winging it and doing our best).

You’re not alone. You haven’t failed.

You’re loved. You’re worthy. There is hope. Things will get better.

**If you or someone you know needs to reach out for help, text HOME to 741741 for free 24/7 support, or visit

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