how to get your best hair and makeup look possible.

We Have A Special Guest This Week:  My Outrageously Talented Hair & Make-up Artist Danee Foster! Read On To Get Tips On How To Get Your Best Hair And Makeup Look!

You learned a little about me back in October, and now I’d like to share some of my best tips for things you can do before your session that will help get you the best hair and makeup look.

First, I always want to bring out your natural features, not hide them behind tons of makeup or a super dramatic hairstyle that isn’t you. If you always wear your hair in beachy waves with a middle part, then you probably won’t be happy with your photos if we straighten your hair and move your part far to one side. I always want to keep your normal look, just kicked up a few notches, not turn you into someone you’re not. And please, please be honest with me about how you feel about the look I give you. You won’t hurt my feelings at all! Your photos are going to last a lifetime, and the last thing I want is for you to look at them in 30 years and be unhappy with how you looked.


You might have heard that it’s best to have dirty hair before you get it styled for a wedding, party, or photoshoot. Hair that hasn’t been washed for a couple days is easier to work with, but it’s not a requirement. Some women have naturally oily hair and choose to wash it more often, and that’s okay. Whether you come in with day three or freshly washed hair, I can work with it! The most important thing is to make sure it’s totally dry when you come for your session.

If you have naturally curly hair but also use a curling iron or wand to style it, OR if you don’t want to wear it curly at all, please come to your session with it straightened (flat iron or at least blow-dried straight) first! This will save so much time in the makeup chair, and give you more time for your photos. You are welcome to bring your own products that you know work with your hair.

For a Dream Session, I typically style hair in either big, loose curls, or straight. In a Dream Couture session, we do more stylized or dramatic hair looks. We want to make sure your hairstyle is flexible and will work with the many poses Whitney will have you do. The general rule is that I am here to style your hair, not trim or treat it.

If you have extensions, I will put them in for you, but please curl them before you come in for your session (this is another big time-saver that will give you more time in front of the camera).

If you have really long hair, please let us know beforehand so we can factor in a little extra time to get it styled.

One final, and super important, word on hair. Please, PLEASE don’t make any big changes to your color or cut for at least a month before your session. I get it, you might break up with your boyfriend and want to go for some major salon therapy (been there, sis). I totally support that, but there is a decent chance you’ll end up being  mad at yourself for drastically changing your hair so soon before your session.


My eye is trained for styling and applying makeup for photography. This means that for most clients, they will be wearing more makeup for their session than they do in their regular lives. Please don’t freak out about this! Think of it like stage makeup—the camera will wash out your coloring and complexion, so I need to use a good deal of makeup and bolder techniques (like contouring and false eyelashes) to bring your features back out.

Please come to your session with a clean face. If you don’t normally do any type of skin care regimen, I encourage you to start one no less than one month before your session. Especially in colder months, I see a lot of dry skin and lips, and there isn’t much that can be done as a quick fix for dry or flaky patches in the makeup chair. Upping your water intake for at least a couple weeks before your session goes a long way, too!

Some women want to get a facial before their session, but please don’t let this be the first time you try it. It is not uncommon to have lingering redness or puffiness for several days afterward, and if you have sensitive skin, you could have a reaction that will take quite some time to heal.

Whitney’s camera will pick up on things that you might not even be able to see yourself, and one of these is facial and body hair. If you would like to have your eyebrows, upper lip, chin, bikini area, or any other area groomed, I suggest doing so about a month before your session, and then again the week of. Please don’t do any waxing for the first time the week of your session, just in case you have a reaction. Whitney has a good relationship with the local European Wax Center, and you can get your first wax free by mentioning that you’re her client!

If you tend to not wear much makeup in everyday life (about 80% of our clients tell me they don’t) then a smokey eye and bright red lipstick won’t be the best look for you. In fact, just about the only people that I use these makeup looks on are models, who are paid to wear bold styles! Many people are surprised when they see just how dark a smokey eye really is and how bold red lipstick tends to look on most complexions. There are so many other ways I can do your makeup by enhancing your natural features so they stand out on camera. Now, if you really want something drastic and dramatic, we can talk…

So, eyebrows. You’d have to live under a rock to not know that they are a whole thing these days…and I love it. If you grew up in the 90s and 00s, you probably plucked your brows into oblivion just like everyone else. For some women, that means that even now, their eyebrows are pencil-thin and sparse. Even if you don’t typically do anything to your brows, it’s really important for me to work with them from a makeup standpoint (I won’t be plucking/threading/waxing them for you, so please do that beforehand). They are the picture frame to your eyes, which are arguably the most important facial feature, so I want to make sure they look their best.

I know that many women are very loyal to a particular brand of makeup, and I totally get that! But just for your session, let me use the makeup that I have in the studio. You wouldn’t believe how many shades of foundation I have, plus I’m very experienced at mixing them to get your perfect match. There are two exceptions to this—bring your favorite lipsticks if you have any, and if you have a true sensitivity or allergy and can only use a particular brand of makeup, you may bring your own (please let us know beforehand on this one).

I can’t wait to work with you, and help get you the best hair and makeup look possible.

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