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what am i supposed to wear for my session?

Choosing your outfits for your beauty session should be fun! You have more options than you realize, and there are so many gorgeous styles for every body type.

One common misconception about boudoir and beauty photography is that the attire for the shoot is either bras and panties, babydoll teddies, or nothing at all. So not true!

A major part of the art is the wardrobe, and choosing styles that are great for your body type.

Do you feel like you have no idea what you’d even wear? Well, you’re not alone! Before you come in for your shoot, you will get several emails with very detailed information about wardrobe. Furthermore, I’m always available to answer questions or concerns.

More good news is that I have an extensive closet with dozens of outfit options that will blow you away! Clients are always welcome to borrow any outfits for their shoot.

Come take a peek at some stunning wardrobe options you’ll have for your session. Of course, you’ll also bring several of your own outfits as well.

Bodysuits are so flattering on every body type, and there are tons variations to choose from. One with a plummeting neckline is perfect for my Bijou babes (that’s French for small on top). Bodysuits with texture look amazing if you’re curvier. Some bodysuits have sleeves which is a show-stopping look if you’d like to cover your arms. And of course, we can always pair a barely-there bodysuit with a gorgeous faux-fur jacket or coat.

Wait, I shoot boudoir sessions with women wearing dresses?! YOU BETCHA. Beauty doesn’t always mean showing as much skin as possible! My type of photography captures the very essence and inherent beauty of my clients. The outfit is just a complementary prop. Some of the most glamorous photos I’ve ever taken are of women in evening gowns. And yeah, I have some dresses that are a bit sheer, just for that extra something special.

Bringing a killer bra and panty set to your session is a great idea! I highly recommend getting fitted at a store before purchasing bras to make sure you have a supportive fit. If the set you’re thinking about is far too fancy to wear under your clothes at work, then it’s probably perfect for your session!

If you would like to draw attention away from your middle, consider either a high-waisted panty or even shape-wear (yeah, seriously)! I want you to feel totally comfortable and proud of your body.  So, if there is anything that you feel doesn’t flatter your curves, then don’t bring it!


Garter belts and thigh-highs are a popular option, but they can be tricky to photograph. Luckily, there are a few ways to make this sexy look work really well on camera. First, a wider garter belt is so much more flattering on any body type than a narrow or skinny belt. Second, please buy stockings WITHOUT the sticky material at the top. It’s meant to help hold them up, but it ends up not photographing well. And, if you have ever tried out this look at home, you know that it can take  f o r e v e r  to get the stockings lined up and clipped onto the garter belt properly. You can save yourself a lot of time, frustration, and sweating if you get them set up before your session. All you’ll have to do is slip them on like a pair of leggings.

One of the most iconic pieces of lingerie is the corset. They are a great option for curvy and busty women! Be sure to always wear one with a sweetheart neckline. As a result, it is much more flattering for your girls than a straight neckline. A trick to getting the right size corset is to buy one that is 7-10 inches smaller than your waist.

Some final important things to remember are to always, always try everything on before your session. Many clients send me dressing room selfies or pictures of their outfits. Then, I can give advice on what will be the best looks for you.

A lot of women opt to wear revealing outfits to show off and celebrate their bodies. I am obviously all for this! I can make many wardrobe pieces look amazing while also highlighting your favorite features. It is important to make sure that your outfits fit you well and that you are comfortable in them (again with the importance of trying everything on before your session). There is a big difference between something being slinky or revealing and it not fitting you well. The camera picks up on things that the naked eye doesn’t. Therefore, if your bra straps are cutting in, or something looks too tight, try the next size up! 

Leave the tags on everything just in case.

Bring 6-8 outfits (that you’ve already tried on, remember? #brokenrecord) and in your Dream Session, we’ll shoot four looks. Danee and I can help you decide what to wear if you need direction.

With the right wardrobe your photos will make you fall in love with yourself all over again!

If You Have Any Further Questions About Wardrobe, Or You Are Ready To Book Your Luxury Experience, Fill Out The Form And We Will Get Back To You Soon!