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Finding hope, joy, and togetherness in this year.

Hello, friend. How are you?

I always feel sentimental at the end of each year, but this year takes the cake for sure.

2020 took a lot from so many. It was harsh and unkind to people all over the world. That fact is still hard to wrap my mind around.

The trials my family and business faced pale in comparison to what others endured. The loss is tough to think about.


However…I see a lot of good that happened as well. Silver linings, if you will.


I’ve seen amazing growth in people around me. When forced to find creative ways to parent, run their business, educate their kids, keep in touch with loved ones, and so on…I’ve just been in awe at people’s resilience.


How have you grown this year? What good has happened?


I know that might be extremely difficult to think about right now. If it is, know that I honor the hardships you’ve faced (and are possibly still facing).

But you’re still here. Still putting one foot in front of the other.

That’s courageous and resilient. Be proud of that!

When I think back on more of the good I saw this year, I think about many of the clients I photographed.

These women came into the studio with this air of reflection and positivity around them — some had gained unwanted weight while stuck at home but didn’t let that stop them from still embracing themselves exactly as they were and achieving their goal of doing a beauty session.

Some were battling extra depression or anxiety after being isolated from loved ones.


Many clients had participated in the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma donation drive, so their session had a dual purpose of both giving back to the community, as well as doing something for themselves through their session.


I saw small businesses support each other, even when their own company’s future was uncertain.

In a year that has tried its best to divide people, how have you seen people come together and help each other?

And then…my surprise baby, born in October.

The third baby, the son, I never thought I’d have.

I found out I was pregnant with him at a very sad time for my family.

I was actually at my grandparent’s house, in my hometown, after my PaPa’s funeral. Standing in the bathroom I’d been in countless times as a kid, I saw the two pink lines appear on the pregnancy test, and it took my breath away.

I definitely hadn’t planned to have another baby, and especially not in 2020, and ESPECIALLY not one that would be born during the busiest season for my business.

(I also DEFINITELY didn’t plan to go through most of my labor during a power outage…)

But, he came and was the miracle of hope and new beginnings we needed.

This boy was our best silver lining yet.

Here’s to always looking for the light no matter how dark it seems.

Happy New Year!


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