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Want Your Best Possible Photos? Come Prepared!

When you invest in a beauty photography session, you owe it to yourself to make sure you get the outcome you want! Here’s how you can do that.

You’ve made the amazing and bold decision to have your beauty session. No more wishing you could have gorgeous photos like you’ve been seeing on the website. It’s finally YOUR turn!

The excitement builds and you probably have some butterflies in your stomach as you see your big day getting closer and closer.

Of course, you want your photos to turn out as close to perfect as possible, and we want that, too!

Did you know that your day of pampering actually begins BEFORE you ever step foot into the studio?

It’s true. Here’s how you can make sure that you have not only an amazing experience during your session, but that your photos will be everything you dreamed and more.

1. Emails. Emails. Emails.

Please read every pre-session email we send, and ask questions if you have them! These emails will walk you through everything you need to know to get ready for your session.

Not getting your emails? First, check your spam/junk folder, and then make sure we have the correct email address for you. Please let us know right away so you don’t miss any important information.

2. Outfits

Take time to choose several outfits that you feel comfortable and confident wearing. Not sure what flatters you best? Take a selfie and send it to Danee at [email protected] and she’ll give you honest feedback.

Before you come into the studio, try on every single outfit you plan to bring. Waiting until your session to try them on will cut into your shooting time and we may not have enough time to use all your outfits.

Narrow down the number of outfits you bring to 6-8. You may also use our client wardrobe for additional picks.

This blog post will give you some ideas of what works best with different body types.

Iron or steam your outfits before you come in, and hang any lingerie. Wrinkles stand out really strong in photos, and an additional editing fee will be applied to correct them.

3. Skin care

It’s important to come for your session with a clean face. We highly encourage you to use a skin care system at least in the week leading up to your session, so your skin will be hydrated. If this is your first time doing a skin care routine, give it about a week so you can see how you react.

Exfoliating your face the night before is a great idea (especially in drier months), so that your makeup will have a smooth application. If you’ve never used a facial exfoliant before, try it out about a week before your session so you can make sure you don’t have a reaction or that it’s not too harsh for your skin type.

4. Hair

Please come to your session with clean, dry hair.

Ideally, you’ll spend 1-1.5 hours of your 4-hour Dream Session in hair and makeup, and anything beyond that time will result in a shorter shooting time, so please make sure that you’re reading your emails that will give you very detailed information to help you be as prepared as possible.

If your hair is curly or coiled (types 3 and above on the hair chart), please come to your session with your hair styled very close to how you’d like it to look in your photos. We can do minor touch-ups, but there won’t be time to straighten your hair while you’re in the chair. If you’d prefer to wear it natural, we encourage that as well.

If you have extensions that need to be put in, please curl them ahead of time. If they are not curled when you arrive, they will not be used.

If you would like to groom your bikini area, please remember to do so prior to your session. Your photo editing does not include body hair editing, and it will show up in your photos. For waxing, we recommend the European Wax Center in Norman, and they have special discounts if you mention Whitney Stilwell and Red Stiletto.

5. Your client contract

This must be signed before you enter the building. Due to COVID procedures, we’ll meet you in the parking lot for temperature checks, and we’ll ask for your signed contract then. Please don’t use up your precious and limited session time to read your contract!

And remember…

You’ve invested in a luxury experience — one that we want you to remember fondly for the rest of your life. Like everything in life, you’ll get out of it what you put into it.

The more prepared you are as you walk into the studio (because you’ve read all the prep emails, of course!), the more relaxed and ready you’ll feel as you have this incredible experience.

Are you ready for the experience of a lifetime? Fill out the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Red Stiletto is an award-winning beauty and boudoir photographer, serving the Norman and Oklahoma City metro area

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