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11 tips for choosing you boudoir photographer

You’ve been thinking about doing a fun and sexy boudoir* shoot, but you’re not sure how to choose the right photographer for you. No worries! Here are my best 11 tips for choosing your boudoir photographer.

1. Have a phone conversation or in-person consultation first to make sure you feel comfortable with them. 

Even if they’re the best photographer around, if you don’t connect with them or worse, feel uneasy, just imagine how awkward your shoot would be!

2. Find out their style of photography. 

Do they use natural or more dramatic lighting? The look and feel of your photos will vary greatly depending on this factor! Check out examples of their work that showcase both types.

3. How long have they been doing boudoir or beauty photography? 

It is always, always better to hire a seasoned professional for any type of photography. Make sure they have previous work you can view. If you don’t like their work, move on!

4. Are they willing to listen to what you want? 

Doing a shoot like this is bold, but you should never feel an ounce of pressure from the photographer to do anything that makes you uncomfortable.

5. How do they ensure your privacy and security? 

I take this issue very seriously, and every client gets to choose if their photos are shared on my blog or social media for promotional purposes. Furthermore, your photos will never end up in the hands of anyone who would compromise your privacy.

6. What kind of “experience” are you paying for? 

Are you doing your own hair and make-up, and responsible for bringing your own outfits? Is it a quick session, or more of an all-day experience? I believe that women should have this time to be pampered and treated like a queen, so I offer two different types of sessions.

7. Will your your hair and makeup be done by a professional? 

I feel that this element is so important to the whole process. The camera picks up things that the naked eye overlooks, and having a licensed esthetician responsible for your look will accentuate the beauty you already possess.

8. What kind of business do they run? 

Are they a legit, legal tax-paying business with the proper licensing? This goes a long way toward professional credibility and legitimacy.

9. Location, location, location. 

It’s true for so many things, isn’t it? I would strongly advise against going to someone’s home, or having them come to your home, for your session. I have my own studio, and my Dream Couture sessions are shot at exclusive venues.

10. What kind of products are offered? 

Listen, you don’t want these photos just sitting on a disk for the rest of your life. You also don’t want to send them to your nearest Walgreens for some teenager to print and have access to. You need to have them professionally printed and shown off! I offer many different products to showcase your stunning photos and all my printing is done through professional labs who have the same high privacy and security standards that I do.

11. How many finished photos will you get? 

This is something many people don’t think of, but it is truly important and one of the things that separates a true professional from, well, those who are not. Think about this: would you rather get a disk with 100 photos that are really only edited for blemishes, or 20 beautifully finished photos that have been thoroughly polished with an artist’s eye and touch that look like they are out of a magazine? (Side note: I always listen to my client’s wishes on editing scars, stretch marks, cellulite, etc. All of these things give us character and tell a story about where we’ve been, but I understand that some women would like them removed in their photos).

You will look back on these photos for the rest of your life, so make sure you implement these tips to make your session one you won’t forget!

*I have phased out the term “boudoir” to describe my style of photography. I feel that my work encompasses more- I capture women’s beauty and elegance whether they are wearing a stunning designer gown, or nothing at all.


Red Stiletto is an award-winning professional beauty and glamour photography business based in Norman, OK, serving norman, oklahoma city, and surrounding areas

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