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Do I have to strip naked from the get-go?

When you’re considering booking your session, there are a handful of common concerns you might have. Here are five facts about Red Stiletto’s beauty photography sessions.

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oklahoma city beauty photographer
okc boudoir

What if I feel weird or uncomfortable? Do I have to get naked from the get-go?!

Everything, and I mean everything is done at your comfort level. Before you come in for your session, we will have several email and phone conversations. We will get to know you, your vision for your photos, and what you are (and are not) comfortable with. I have photographed hundreds of women, ranging from those who prefer to take their photos while wearing a gorgeous evening gown, to women who want to have photos that include tasteful nudity. You call the shots and I will always respect your wishes and never pressure you to do anything you’re not totally comfortable with. I empower you to voice any concerns you may have because I always have your best interests at heart.



I have no idea how to pose or what to do for the camera!

Even when I photograph professional models who have had their picture taken countless times, I am always very involved in my clients’ posing. In fact, I can guarantee you that I will physically demonstrate any pose that I’m asking you to do! Get on the bed and stick my booty in the air? Yep. Sit in the window with my leg propped up against the wall? No problem. Stand in the shower, fully clothed, with my head tilted back under the shower head? Done it a hundred times.

Unlike what you might find elsewhere, I don’t plan your poses ahead of time or use the same poses for everyone. The truth is that not all poses work for everyone! I have worked with women of every shape, size, and comfort level and I know what works and what doesn’t.



I don’t wear a lot of makeup, so I’m afraid I won’t look like myself.

We feel you, sister. Danee is a highly skilled hair and makeup artist and her style is more on the natural side. However, if you’re going for bold and dramatic, then she will absolutely do that! She is a genius at using makeup to accentuate your features in a natural and beautiful way. After your hair and makeup are done, I will take a headshot so that we can see how your look translates through the camera, making sure that your eyelashes are applied perfectly, your foundation is blended, and that your lipstick is the right shade for your skin tone. This is where you can let Danee know if you’d like anything changed before your shoot begins!

What on earth am I supposed to wear?

I encourage you to let this be one of the most fun parts of your session. Not something that stresses you out! We will discuss your wardrobe in detail before you come in for your session. I will send you ideas of outfits that will be great with your body type. It is not uncommon at all for clients to send me dressing room selfies, Amazon carts full of lingerie, or pictures of possible outfits for me to weigh in on. If you’ve booked a Dream Session, you’ll be photographed in four outfits.  However, I always encourage you to bring 6-8, in case you change your mind, or you try it on and it doesn’t look as good on camera. If you’re doing a Dream Couture session, you will have two different hair and makeup looks, plus outfits picked out just for you, in addition to the ones you bring.

I have a client wardrobe that you are welcome to borrow from as well. My makeup artist and I are pros at styling your wardrobe (come back next week for more on that!) for what will be the most beautiful and flattering outfits on you! You’ll do a fashion show of all your outfit combinations, and we’ll help you pick the best ones. We always start shooting in the outfit you feel most comfortable in so your confidence can soar and show through in your photos.

Are you going to share my photos?

The level of privacy you desire is completely up to you and will be respected without question. I offer four levels of permission to share your photos on my website and social media: 1. Full automatic permission to use any of your photos; 2. Permission with your approval of each photo beforehand; 3. Permission as long as any identifying features are removed (for example: your face, tattoos, any unique or custom jewelry you’re wearing, etc.); and 4. No permission to share any of your photos. If you allow me to share your photos, I won’t tag you or reveal your identity in any way.

Want to learn more? Check out my top tips to prepare for your session. Fill out the form below to get in touch with me about booking, or if you have any questions.

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