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Don't let fitness goals ruin your vacation

You heard me right. You can ready plenty of blogs on keeping fit and tracking calories while on vacation, but this is not one of them.

Learn from my mistakes. I went to Spain… SPAIN, people! And all I thought about was my calories, hitting the hotel gym every morning, and not wasting all the money I’d spent on a personal trainer back home.

I spoiled it for myself and my family I was traveling with. They even felt guilty for indulging in the local food, while I had diet snack bars in my backpack.

Give yourself grace to have a good time. Experience the awesome culture around you, and that includes the food!

You will burn calories just by walking around sightseeing. Plus, the gym will still be there when you get home.

You can work out and track calories, carbs, macros, whatever, every single day at home. How often are you on vacation?! Enjoy it, friend!