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Dream Session or Dream Couture — Which is Right for You?

Still on the fence about which of our signature sessions is the best fit for you? Let’s break them down so you can decide!

Dream Session…Dream Couture — which to choose for your beauty session?!

I know it can be a hard decision, so I wanted to help break down each session so you can see what you’ll get with each.


Customization — Outfits, hair, and makeup

Dream session — you’ll bring 6-8 outfits to the studio (you can also borrow from our client wardrobe), and we’ll shoot in the 4 outfits that look best on you.

Your hair will be styled in loose curls or straight. 

Your makeup will probably be more than you wear on a daily basis, but it’ll still be more of a natural look, enhancing your features and making sure the camera can pick up on them.

Dream Couture — you can still bring your own outfits and can use our client wardrobe, but we’ll have a pre-session design consultation to plan out your desired looks for your session. We’ll help you pick out your outfits so that you’re sure to achieve the style you’re going for.

Your hair and makeup will be a more customized look as well. We can do more elaborate hairstyles and makeup looks if you want!


Dream Session — your entire session will take place in our downtown Norman studio. We have four different sets so you can have a good mix of backgrounds in your photos.

Dream Couture — your session will take place at a venue we’ve hand picked for you! At your pre-session consultation, we’ll get to know your personality, what you envision for your shoot, how you want to look, and a lot more so that we can choose a location that will complement everything you want!

We’ve even had clients who wanted their vehicle as props for their photos, and with a Dream Couture session, we can make this happen!




Dream Session — your session is 4 hours. We usually spend 1-1.5 hours on hair and makeup, 30 minutes choosing your final 4 outfits, and then 2 hours of shooting.

In order to make sure you have your full 2 hours of shooting time, make sure you come to your session as prepared as possible! Any extra time that has to be spent getting you prepared will cut into your shooting time, including possibly losing an outfit. So make sure you read all your prep emails and follow their instructions!

Dream Couture — your session is an all-day event! We’ll have more time to achieve a customized hair or makeup look, shoot in more outfits, and have a midday break for lunch.

The bottom line is this — either session will leave you feeling empowered, confident, beautiful, and strong. Your decision rests on the overall look and feel you’d like to have for your session and how custom you’d like it to be.

For more information, you can read more about the Dream Session here and the Dream Couture here.


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