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Time to Let Go of Your Money Guilt

As a woman, especially moms, you often prioritize yourself last. This becomes especially true when it comes to spending money on yourself. You feel guilty (#momguilt). 

You make excuses whether it’s self-care that takes a backseat like getting your hair done, paying for a yoga membership, or going out to dinner with your girlfriends; to necessities like buying new clothes and shoes, or replacing your more expensive skin care products with drugstore ones to tide you over.

And yet, you somehow always manage to justify spending money on your kids ensuring they’re registered for activities, nourished with organic, whole foods, and often mindlessly throwing a toy or item in your cart for them when walking the aisles of target. 

Meanwhile, your husband has likely never thought twice to indulge in the occasional happy hour with his buddies, or continue his hobbies like golf, fishing, car restoration, or going to the gym, all of which cost money. Heck, when you run errands chances are you’ll even buy him a new shirt, that you just know would look good on him, before you buy yourself something. 

Are you in desperate need of a new bra too? I know it can’t just be me. 

And when the refrigerator breaks, or the dryer needs to be replaced you somehow manage to find a way to pay for those big ticket items. You’ll even spend money decorating your house but you’ll pause and hesitate when it comes to, say booking a boudoir session as a gift to yourself. 

Everyone has a money story and it’s time to change the narrative. It’s time to let go of your money guilt and free yourself from mom guilt.

Put Your Oxygen Mask on First

When you travel on an airplane, in the event of an emergency, you’re instructed to put your oxygen mask on first before helping others (even your kids). Instead of waiting for an emergency (weight gain, burn out, illness, disconnect) apply this concept to your daily life. 

You can do more for others, and for yourself, when you prioritize self-care and make an investment in yourself

I’m also guilty of prioritizing myself last. After the birth of my second daughter, it took a whole year before I finally decided to fight my negative mindset by standing in front of the camera to bare all my “flaws”forcing me to reexamine my body and ultimately learn to love and accept myself. I felt empowered, which not only benefited myself but also set a better example for my girls, and enabled me to be a better photographer for my clients. 

Remember to treat yourself with the same kind of care and consideration you give to others. If you believe you’re deserving of something, you won’t feel guilty spending money on yourself. You’re worth it! 

Put on your oxygen mask, invest in yourself, and celebrate your awesomeness!

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