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Have you ever wondered what a beauty session looks like behind the scenes? You usually only get to see the gorgeous, finished photos...but not what it took to make it happen.

Until now!

Beauty and boudoir photography is all about glamour, mystery, boldness, sexiness, and all the other things that make it great. It’s a luxurious way for a woman to express herself and feel beautiful in her own skin.

It’s also a fantastic artform that allows the photographer to shoot with creative lighting, angles, posing, and points of view.

The finished product—the photos you see—may be elegant and sophisticated…but sometimes the behind-the-scenes is anything but!

So, are you ready to see how some of our favorite photos came to be?!

Ladders. They’re one of my staples for shooting!

If you’ve ever done a session with me, you know I’ll be getting on the ladder. And you’ve also probably seen me almost fall off it. That’s just how it is—I wasn’t born with the greatest balance!

One of my favorite shots using a ladder is this one from a trip I took to Canada last year. I was actually on a ladder on top of a floating deck to take this photo. I’m okay with risking my own injury if it means I can take a breath-taking photo.

Contorting myself to get the perfect angle—count on it!

I took an unspoken and unwritten oath when I began in the beauty photography industry that I’d always, always shoot my clients from the most flattering angles to bring out their favorite features.

A lot of the time, this means that I myself have to pose awkwardly in order to get that perfect angle for you…and I’m more than happy to do it!

I’ve also found that it helps to lighten the mood when I nearly rip my pants in the process!

I’m not afraid to bend a few rules in the name of art.

photographers will do what they have to

Okay. I’m not a law-breaker…but I’ll admit that I’ve occasionally pushed the boundaries just a little when the opportunity presents itself to get a great shot like this one.

In as little time as it took for my client to climb a few steps up the fire escape and get posed, I snapped the shot and we were outta there! No harm, no foul, right?

I’ll also mention that there happened to be a bag of trash on the floor, and in order to get this shot as fast as possible…I had to lay on the trash. There was no time to move it!

I’ll do just about anything for my clients!

I hope you enjoyed this behind-the-scenes of Red Stiletto! Check out my private Facebook group for more BTS photos and videos!

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