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Get out of the house finally, and give yourself the gift of a beauty session!

Coming out of quarantine feels like waking up from a weird where everyone looks like a caveman and is trying to remember how to be a regular human again.
What can you do to start to feel like yourself again?

Anybody else start quarantine with a huge list of projects you were FINALLY going to get done?

Closets? Clear them out for a garage sale in the fall!

Baseboards? They’re going to look brand new!

A luxury treehouse for the kids? Give me a hammer and I’ll build it with my bare hands by lunchtime!

New hobbies! Side hustles! Family time! Homeschooling! Work out twice a day! Sleep in! Minimal screen time!

And, now we’re staring down month three and it’s back to survival mode.

I don’t know about you, but most of my projects are still unfinished.

We didn’t follow the hour-by-hour schedule for our kids.

There was a lot of screen time.

Pajamas 24/7 was the norm.

There may have been stretches of days where I didn’t take a shower.

Makeup? I think I remember what that is…can’t be sure though.

Everyone’s hair is shaggy and wild.

Be honest — did you cut your own hair for the first time over the past couple months?

I may or may not have done some maintenance on my bangs…

Finally, life is starting to show some small semblance of normalcy and I’m able to get back into the studio and start shooting again — and I’m more grateful than ever.

Are you ready to take some real time for yourself after being cooped up since March?

I absolutely understand the significance of what our world’s been facing. I take it very seriously and know it had an effect on everyone in different ways.

So, I’m here to offer some positivity and a way you can pamper and pat yourself on the back for making it through!

Coming out on the other side of this — how would it feel to have a day to yourself where you’re able to do something you haven’t been able to do for months? Being the center of attention for a day, pampered with professional hair, makeup, and outfit styling, and having gorgeous pictures taken that will show you how beautiful and strong you truly are.

A beauty session is a gift to yourself that lasts a lifetime — something you don’t do every day. Life has shown us that nothing is promised and things can change quickly.

It’s okay if you’re coming out of quarantine different than you were going in. I know I’ve gained some weight over the past couple months myself!

We’ll take care of you. Danee can style your hair so that your self-inflicted bang trim isn’t so noticeable. I can do more with posing than can be done in the gym in six months!

So maybe you haven’t seen your waxer in over two months…head to the European Wax Center and tell them Whitney Stilwell sent you and get a free bikini wax or a discount on a Brazilian.

If I learned just one thing over this time, it’s that life is a gift and meant to be celebrated. Do that for yourself and have something to show for it for the rest of your life.

ready to get out and do something for yourself? Book your session today!

Red Stiletto is an international award-winning beauty and boudoir photographer, serving Norman, Oklahoma City, and surrounding areas

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