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If Quarantine Threw a Wrench in Your Summer Plans

We can’t erase the changes we’ve faced due to quarantine…but there are things we can do to start feeling better about ourselves.

No doubt you’ve heard plenty of talk about “these unprecedented times” and “the unknown”. So I’m not here to be yet another person to write an article about what’s going on.

That’s NOT to say that I’m insensitive to how these past several months have hit people. I felt it myself when all non-essential businesses were ordered to close their doors. It was a scary time for my family, in more ways than one.

I’m hearing from a lot of clients that long-awaited summer vacations or family reunions got cancelled. Weddings postponed. Graduations gone virtual—it’s just not the same.

So in a time when much is out of our control, it’s important to do what we can do have a say in how our lives go!

One way you can do that is through a beauty session.

You might have been looking forward to a summer of relaxation…maybe on the beach with a fruity drink in hand.

Maybe you’ve always been a regular at the spa, nail salon, or gym, and during the hiatus you were left feeling unlike yourself for months on end.

We can’t undo the drastic and sudden lifestyle changes we had to make. But…there is something you CAN do now to finally have a chance to feel pampered again.

In our signature Dream Session or Dream Couture, you’ll be able to take a break from all the craziness.  And…finally…do something amazing for yourself.

No, your vacation isn’t happening anymore. But, you can come take a vacation with us for a day. You can take an escape from politics, media, and even your kids (no judgment here!).

You’ll feel prepared before you even step foot into the studio, because you’ll get a series of emails and access to me as you pick out your outfits, and get ready for your big day.

Once you come in for your session, you’ll get professional hair and makeup styling by our crazy good makeup artist, Danee. She is a talented artist and knows exactly what looks great on camera based on your features and desired look.

After you’re finished in Danee’s chair, we’ll take a headshot to make sure you’re happy with your look and ready to start getting dressed!

You’ll try on the outfits you brought and have full access to our client wardrobe as well. Based on many, many years of shooting, I’ll offer you expert advice on which outfits will photograph the best and bring out your best features, while also making you feel great.

Feel awkward thinking about how to pose for these types of photos? Don’t worry one bit! Part of this artform is knowing how to pose my clients in flattering and fun angles. I’ll emphasize what you love most about yourself.

As a woman, I absolutely understand the importance of being photographed in a way that makes me feel beautiful, confident, and as un-self-conscious as possible (I think I just made that word up, but you know what I mean). I shared about my own experience with doing a beauty session not long after having my second baby!

If you can’t already tell, your finished photos will look like they’re straight out of a super expensive magazine! You’ll get to see them a couple weeks after your session at your ordering appointment. You’ll choose which ones you want to have printed and keep forever in some seriously beautiful keepsake items.

Even though so much is different now about the way we live our lives, just know that you CAN and SHOULD still pamper and treat yourself to a gift that will last a lifetime.

have more questions about our beauty sessions? Fill out the form and we will reach out shortly!

Red Stiletto is OKC and Norman, OK’s premier beauty and boudoir photographer

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