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There are so many misconceptions about boudoir photography that I want to clear up before we get started…This is an experience you cannot replicate even in your wildest dreams! I’m confident in that, by the time you walk into the studio, you’ll never forget what it feels like to be ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL.

because you are! right here!! right now!!!

new kind of of independence


Hair and Makeup are included in in our Dream and Dream Couture Sessions. Not only does this give you some much needed pampering, it also guarantees you will look your best. Our makeup artist, Red Stiletto is great at making sure everything looks great for the camera while naturally accentuating the beauty you already possess.


This is what we are here for! We will work together to come up with the perfect outfits for YOU and YOUR body. The better you feel about your outfits, the better your photos will turn out, because one of the best items you can bring to your session is confidence. We not only have a list of suggestions on what to wear and where to find those items, we also have an extensive client wardrobe of outfits of every shape, size, and color, and we are happy to share with you!


While we love when clients give us permission to share their photos so other can see various body types, we take your privacy very seriously! We NEVER share photos unless you give us permission, and we never want anyone to feel like they need to give us permission. We have teachers, pastors, and other professionals who come to us needing 100% privacy with their photos and we are happy to honor that request.


We have you covered in the posing department. Very few of our clients are models, so our average client needs help in that department and we are glad to assist! We will not only walk you through every pose, but we will demonstrate the pose for you, which our clients find helpful.

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All ordered images come with professional retouching. This includes: Skin smoothing, blemish removal, distractions from the background (outlets that drive me nuts), and overall polishing of the photo.


We have searched the world for only the best quality products to stand the test of time. To accommodate various budgets without compromising the quality we stand by, we offer convenient non-interest payment plans! We never want money to hold you back from the luxury experience you deserve! You will view your images and purchase products at your ordering appointment 1-2 weeks after your session.

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